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"Inspiring and Empowering Women to See Their Own Beauty Visually and Mentally." 

"Inspiring and Empowering Women to See Their Own Beauty Visually and Mentally." 

Your Hair Confessions

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Founder Statement

Founder Statement

"Inspiring and empowering women to see their own beauty visually and mentally."

Teneasha Miller- Owner- Hair Confessions Boutique

I am Teneasha owner of Hair Confessions Boutique and this is my story!  I grew up in Oklahoma City where I had my mother, two brothers, grandmother, and great-grandparents.  As a child my mother was a single parent who had me at the age of 16 years old.  I've always seen her work extremely hard to provide for us.  We have always had a supportive family.  My mother was and is currently still a hair stylist, and I watched her as she took pride in helping make so many women look beautiful.  I took an interest and followed the passion of hair from day in day out being in the salon with her, and seeing how women’s eyes lit up when she was finished with their hair.  I remember around the age of 7 experimenting on my own hair with the pressing comb.  My mother was pressing my hair and left me for a brief moment to conduct business with a client.  I will never forget what burnt hair smelled like.  I took out all of my bang area trying to press out my own hair.  My mom asked,"What have you done to your hair?"  I tried to slick it down, but had this little fuzz that stuck up in the front of my head.  Luckily she was into healthy hair and showed me what I needed to do to get my hair to grow back.  That experience was very intriguing to me. From that point I knew wanted to be a hair stylist.


As I got into middle school I began doing my friends, family, dolls, and anyone who would let me practice on their hair.  That carried on throughout high school, which is when I moved to Texas.  I was devastated when I moved, but when I look back I feel like it was one of the best things to happen to me. I was introduced to things I had never experienced and a new level of individuals than what I was use to.  I moved away from home before graduating high school.  I lived with my best friend and her family until we graduated.  I went right into beauty school after graduating.  Then, life happened trials and trials and tribulations, REALITY!  It wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to be 19 years old trying to go to school and work.  It didn't work out for me and I had to drop out of beauty school.  I was disappointed, a beauty school dropout. 

I was dead set on going back to finish beauty school just could not find the time to do it.  I had to work and was very strong willed and refused to move back home.  So, I continued to working at jobs that I had no passion for whatsoever.  I was in customer service, admin., and collections for about 12 years.  After having my first daughter and being laid off two jobs.  I was almost 30 years old still had the passion for hair, wanting to be an entrepreneur, and wanting to help women embrace their beauty by showing how and what I can do to help them boost their self- confidence. Enough was enough.  I decided it was time! I made the decision it was time to take over my own life,get out of my own way.  I wanted to do what I was put on this earth to do and have a passion for and that is help women see their own beauty and not just the beauty of others.  I wanted to help those who feel all hope is gone when it comes to not only their hair, but their self-esteem.  At the age of 29 and pregnant with my second daughter I enrolled myself into Ogle Beauty School.


In 2010 I was a licensed cosmetologist.  Inside I was ecstatic!  I went and worked on commission in a salon where I grew my customer base.  After a year of that I leased a suite.  Since 2010 I have been an independent hair stylist and going through the roller coaster of business it wasn't enough. The end of 2017 I had to get a full time job to make ends meet on top of working in the salon on now only the weekends.  That is not what I wanted and felt it was holding me back, so I thought.  It helped me get started also helped me understand, sometimes we have to do things we don't want to get where we want to be.  I’ve always had the dream of owning my owning my own business, and having my own brand.  I wanted my own product line with products that helps promote growth, style, moisture, and body.  I had to make it work.


In 2018, I was tired of looking at everyone else live their dream.  It was time to live my own DREAM.  The hunt was on for research, resources, and an action plan.   Not only did I want to own my own hair product line, I also have always had a personal interest and passion for hair extensions. I've worn all kinds of hair extensions and a lot were a horrible, horrible quality. This intrigued me to only want the best for myself as well as others.  I do not feel any woman need to have hair extensions to be beautiful.  Who am I to tell them they can't have it?  Yes, I will give my professional opinion if I feel it is at any point unhealthy for their hair.  My vision is to help them figure out what we can do together.  If someone wants to add volume, length, change their style, or know what it feels like to have hair, because many have lost knowing that feeling due to terminal illnesses.  My dream and goal for my business is to help others in any and every way I can.


After doing some leg work of what I needed to do to get the ball going to help others and for women to have the empowerment to be who they want to be, I began Hair Confessions Boutique.  Beauty is a confession and Hair Confessions Boutique is here to help those who want and need to confess.  We are here to provide our knowledge, skills, and educate on how to find your own beauty.  This is the beginning of what's to come from Hair Confessions Boutique.  Faith...Beauty...Empowerment

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